About The Artist

As it does for many people, painting started out as a passing hobby for Christie. A way to de-stress and fill the time during the slow season for her, a self-proclaimed workaholic.

All of her paintings during her first few years of practice were auctioned off to help support local families that had fallen on hard times as well as other various charity organizations.

Her current series is titled Modern Atrocities. This series was inspired by the current avalanche of disturbing trends and appalling situations arising in our world today.

Unsettled by the creeping feeling that not many of us seem to care (or even notice) these trends threatening our human nature and our future, Christie found herself unable to put the paintbrush down.

This series is her attempt to open more eyes, hearts, and minds to the atrocities surrounding us before we become one of them.

Contact her at christiegabrielart@gmail.com for more information.

Visit her Etsy for more of her art: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ChristieGabrielArt