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About Christie

While I’m most known for my modeling career, the informational book I wrote on freelance modeling and the resulting documentary…. there are many more facets of my relentlessly creative and overachieving mind that I am eager to share with the world.

My hope is to inspire others to think outside the box to reach success in whatever they want to achieve.

A little about the my book The Self-Made Model, Success Without Agencies (available on Amazon ):

“The whole world of modeling is open to you in a way it never has been before,” says veteran fashion model Christie Gabriel at the beginning of this book. “But to succeed, you need knowledge it takes years in the industry to gain.” Gabriel has that knowledge. In her decade-plus modeling career, she’s done everything from high fashion runway to posing for college art classes. She’s been both a freelancer and represented by agencies such as Elite and Irene Marie, and worked in all the major American markets, as well as Europe. She lays out what she has learned in this step-by-step guide for anyone trying to break into the modeling field.

Contact her at for more information.